Dates for this year

This year Healthcare Science Week is between 5th to 14th March 2021.

How can you get involved?

Healthcare Science Week is a Trusts’ chance to tell their local community and other health professionals first-hand about how science and technology is vital in modern patient care and changes lives for the better. It’s also an invaluable opportunity for existing healthcare science staff to inspire the next generation of healthcare science staff by promoting the new career structures in local schools and colleges.

Getting involved in healthcare science week is easy and there are many ways you can take part. Your trust could have a stand in a public area or the foyer of the hospital, give a presentation in a school or college, or invite school and college students into one of the healthcare science departments.

Film a 'Day in the Life' video

Healthcare Science Week is going to look a bit different in 2021 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. To help promote healthcare science this year we are looking for trainees to record a short 5-10 minute video of themselves talking about what they do as healthcare scientists. Below are some questions that might help prompt your video content.

Possible topics to consider:

  1. General introduction –name and what you do
  2. What has it been like working during the pandemic?
  3. What’s the most interesting thing about your job?
  4. What STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) skills do you use every day?
  5. What does an average day for you look like?
  6. What advice would you give to students wanting to go into the NHS?
  7. What advice would you give your younger self? or What do you wish you’d known about working in the NHS when you were at school?

When you’ve finished filming please email your video to and we will add our branding and upload the video to our website and YouTube channel.

Try your hand at genomics and bioinformatics

The run up to and during Healthcare Science Week are great opportunities to try out two new online courses on genomics and bioinformatics. Learn about the fundamentals of a person’s DNA – their genome – and discover the principles and practices of biological data, known as bioinformatics.

Available for anyone to take part in, the courses are accessible through the Health Education England website and everyone gets a certificate at the end!