British Academy of Audiology supervisor of the year award, goes to STP supervisor

Last updated: 5th September 2019

Congratulations to Kathryn Lewis, Head of Audiology at University Hospitals South Manchester who was recently announced as supervisor of the year, by the British Academy of Audiology.

Kathryn had this to say about her award:

“I was honoured to receive the award for Placement Supervisor of the year! It was quite a shock to receive an e-mail to say I had been nominated in the first place, and I did not think for one moment that I would eventually receive the award – there are lots of great supervisors in Audiology.¬†

I felt very humbled to know that I was being given this award and very grateful to one of my trainees for nominating me in the first place. You do not always know yourself how well you are doing so I was pleased to know that they feel I am doing a good job!

At this time I have 5 trainees on the STP programme (normally we have one each year but we have 2 additional traines who have come to us from other areas). They are all doing well and hopefully I can encourage them to be the best they can to be not just great clinicians but great leaders for the future. ¬†They have great support from my team and this award is really for all of the team, as I could not do a good job without their full support and enthusiasm. So far the trainees who have been through the programme and qualified have all found jobs, which is a great result for them and ourselves.”