Oriel Discovery exercise launched

NHS England have commissioned a user research discovery exercise to get applicant and stakeholder feedback on Oriel, the the national recruitment system that we use for applications to healthcare science training programmes.

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23rd October 2023
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A 12-week discovery exercise exploring the user experience for Oriel, the national recruitment system used for Medical (including Foundation Programme), Dental, Pharmacy and Healthcare Science, is underway.

The discovery will be managed by Lagom Strategy Ltd, who have been commissioned by NHS England to get applicant and stakeholder feedback on their user experience and identify evolving user needs for Oriel.

This work will be used to inform decisions on next steps to deliver improvements to the wider service for users.

Applicants can be reassured that this work will not impact their ability to apply for training in any way and Oriel will function as normal.

Over the coming weeks Lagom will be in direct contact with some users. There will be further opportunity for all users to participate in this research at a later stage. NHS England will support Lagom to ensure key stakeholders are invited to share their views.

Please look out for coming updates and opportunities to get involved.

Last updated on 23rd October 2023

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