Discovering the next generation of healthcare scientists

Last updated: 8th January 2020

Attendees can find out about careers, jobs, skills and apprenticeships.

Colleagues from the Yorkshire and Humber area recently helped to inspire young people at the ‘Skills England, Yorkshire and the Humber Careers Fair’. The fair brings young people together with employers, training providers, colleges, universities and professional bodies. Attendees can find out about careers, jobs, skills and apprenticeships.

Nicola Calder (Professional Lead HCS HEE North), Mandy Scott (Education and Training Manager at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Trust) and Julie Atkey (Education and Training Manager at the Yorkshire and Humber Genomic Medicine Centre) exhibited the stand over the two day event, which had over 5000 people attend. They were able to meet and inform young people who were curious about careers in healthcare science, and surprised those who had only thought of doctors and nurses, with the career opportunities that are now available for years 11 to 13 due to the healthcare science apprentice standards. They were able to show them the career development pathway with the opportunities for the Scientist Training Programme and the Higher Scientist Specialist Training programme, that will be available for some that enter the profession as an apprentice.

The team said ‘It was really encouraging and exciting to see the younger generation getting enthusiastic considering potential careers in Healthcare Science and at one point putting us on the spot about our knowledge on gene editing and how scientific research is funded.’

Also featured on the stand was the new ‘Genomics Game’ developed by theĀ Genomics Education Programme, which had a thorough testing with some very enthusiastic career ready school leavers from Bradford.