Genomic testing for rare disease: learn with the experts

Are you one of the many clinicians looking to familiarise yourself with how to request genomic testing through the National Genomic Test Directory? The National Genomics Education programme are running a free two-week online course which offers a practical guide to the genomic testing process for rare disease.

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18th May 2023
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During the course, learners will develop an understanding of the different types of genomic testing for rare disease – from single gene tests to whole genome sequencing – and walk through the application of this testing in clinical practice.

What’s more, starting on Monday 15 May, learners will be joined by a team of expert mentors who will be on hand to answer questions, respond to comments and provide support across the entire run.

In addition to support from mentors during the course, a special, one-off webinar that will take place on Wednesday 5 June from 12:30pm – 1:30pm. More information about how to sign up for this webinar will be made available soon, and links will be available within the course.

For more details about the course or to sign up, please visit the course page.

Last updated on 18th May 2023

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