IACC results comparison and feedback from STP trainees and training officers

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10th December 2020
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The Independent Assessment of Clinical Competence (IACC) is one of several conditions’ trainees must satisfy to complete the STP programme and entitlement to full registration.  The IACC was rapidly developed for final year 2019-20 STP trainees, in conjunction with stakeholders, to respond to the emerging Covid-19 pandemic in the Spring of 2020 when it became impossible to reliably plan to delivery of face to face assessments.  Prior to use the IACC was approved by the Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS) and Health Education England.

The IACC was designed to be a fair and defensible alternative final assessment that provided an opportunity for timely completion of the STP programme for all final year 2019-20 STP trainees.  The IACC submission consists of a critical reflective narrative supported with citations to evidence of signed off evidence or competencies within OneFile or OLAT.  The nature of the IACC assessment task, critical reflection, provides the best basis to support trainees to transition to practice in what may be very variable and unpredictable circumstances.

The IACC addresses the highly variable training experience caused by the pandemic through its assessment strategy involving specialist assessors.  The IACC assesses the insight of STP trainees into their readiness to practice, in the context of conclusions drawn from the trainee’s critical reflection about the limits of safe practice and future development needs.

Overview of IACC results in comparison to previous years

Assessment Year Number of Specialties Number of Trainees Pass rate Fail rate
IACC 2020 29 291 86% 14%
OSFA 2019 27 301 86% 14%
OSFA 2018 27 283 91% 9%
OSFA 2017 28 262 84% 16%
OSFA 2016 27 264 85% 15%
OSFA 2015 21 214 85% 15%
OSFA 2014 20 152 92% 8%

Feedback from trainees and training officers about the IACC

The School sent out a survey to all HCS STP trainees who had submitted an IACC in July 2020. Responses from 116 trainees (40% of those who had submitted an IACC) were received sharing their views and experiences of this independent final assessment.

Click here to view the IACC feedback.

Last updated on 10th December 2020

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