Introducing the Wales Healthcare Science Trainee Network

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3rd August 2016
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A group of former and current medical physics STP trainees based at Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff are in the process of planning the implementation of an all Wales Trainee Network for healthcare scientists across all disciplines.

A questionnaire sent to medical physics and clinical engineering STP trainees in Wales was unanimous in finding that trainees felt connections with other STP trainees could be better facilitated, for instance through the creation of a Welsh Trainee Network.

A modified version of this questionnaire will be sent out to STP trainees in Wales (across all disciplines) in the near future. We will use the results from this to establish what trainees require from a network, whether similar efforts are already under way and also recruit volunteers for various roles in the co-ordination of the network.

We have sent an initial email out to trainees and training officers, calling for contact details of all trainees in Wales. If you have not received this email, please get in touch so we can update our contact list.

We are also in the process of setting up a website, which will contain important information on:

  • Upcoming events
    • Regular network meetings
    • Welcome event to be held in mid-September (contact us for more information)
  • Our aims as a network
  • Contact details
  • Blog/forum

Please contact us with any ideas or comments and to get involvedĀ

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