Joint statement from the School and Universities about study time for trainees

Last updated: 5th October 2020

The National School of Healthcare Science, in collaboration with colleagues at all STP and HSST provider universities, would like to clarify the position for 2020/21 in relation to study time for trainees.

Preparations are under way for the start of the next academic year and there may be changes to the way teaching is delivered by the universities, at least initially. Each university will inform its own students how their programme will be delivered.

Where teaching is delivered online rather than face to face, the amount of time dedicated to study should be the same as for previous cohorts of trainees. Trainees this year will need the same number of hours released for study as they would have had for the face to face teaching.

In addition to this, trainees will still need 20% of their time as protected private study time throughout the programme.

It is a requirement of the programme that all trainees engage with the prescribed learning and that employers respect the trainee’s supernumerary status and ensure study time is provided. At the beginning of the programme, as soon as the teaching arrangements are known, trainees and training officers should agree between them how sufficient time will be allocated for study.

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