Midterm review of progression trial outline

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20th April 2017
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The recently announced midterm review of progression (MRP) trial for year 2 trainees and their training officers is due to begin on 24 April 2017. The MRP will give year 2 trainees and their training officers the opportunity to reflect on the trainee’s progression on the Scientist Training Programme (STP) and it will also enable any concerns or issues to be identified and addressed. The trial MRP is for learning and evaluation purposes only but if any significant concerns or issues are highlighted during the trial, the School will address these issues and offer support as appropriate.

The trial will comprise of:

  • the trainee’s self evaluation of their progress;
  • the training officer’s evaluation of the trainee’s progress;
  • an overview by the School of the completion status of signed off competencies and assessments associated with rotations on OLAT (online learning and assessment tool).

Trainees and training officers will have approximately 3 weeks from the date of notification to complete and submit their evaluations via an online form. The anticipated timeline for the stages of the MRP is:

All year 2 trainees and training officers that will be involved in the trial should ensure that they inform the School of any changes to their contact details.

Any queries about the MRP should be emailed to Further details about the MRP are available.

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