National School announces retirement of OLAT e-portfolio service

In the week commencing 29 July 2019, the National School will retire the OLAT e-portfolio service.

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21st March 2019
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OLAT has been used for the assessment of workplace-based competencies and assessments on the STP programme since 2011. All new and existing STP and HSST trainees have begun to use or been migrated to the OneFile e-portfolio service in the last 18 months and the School has recently taken the decision to retire the OLAT service this coming summer.

Prior to the shutdown at the end of July all former users of OLAT will be encouraged to export a transcript of their activity in OLAT and to download files that they submitted to OLAT as part of their training and assessment. After the shutdown date it will not be possible to access this information and to download such materials.

Over the coming months the School will make extensive efforts to spread the news about the retirement of OLAT so that all former users of OLAT are given ample opportunity to download their data from OLAT. Guidance about how to download data from OLAT and a set of answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the OLAT shutdown have been published on the School website.

Last updated on 9th January 2020

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