New Transfer of Training Policy now available

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25th October 2017
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Guidance is now available for trainees on the STP, who wish to apply to transfer their training to a different employer or request a transfer where an offer of employment has been made. Applications from trainees will only be accepted where there are exceptional extenuating circumstances that have occurred since their training began.

Trainees will not be able to apply for a transfer regarding anything that was known about, prior to them accepting an offer of training/employment. This policy guidance is not to be used to try and move to a preferred location and/or specialism that was not offered to a trainee when they were recruited to the programme.

All applications will be dealt with on a case by case basis and are subject to approval by both the School and the commissioners of the programmes. If approved, an application and any transfer process may take a minimum of 3 months but this could be longer depending on the individual circumstances.

Trainees should submit their application form to

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