Review of the ETP Curriculum

We’re embracing the new year with a new start and beginning a review of the ETP curriculum.

Published on
11th January 2023
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Curriculum, Echocardiography Training Programme

The Echocardiography Training Programme (ETP) began in 2020 and we were thrilled to see the first trainees complete the programme last summer and enter practice, applying their skills to benefit patients. With the third cohort underway, now is the time to learn from all your experiences both delivering and following the programme to make sure the curriculum is fit for purpose.

The first step of the review process is to gather feedback from everyone involved in the programme. We want to hear your thoughts on the curriculum; is it meeting your needs; where it could be improved? We’ll then appoint a Lead Editor who will provide the scientific leadership for the review. The Lead Editor will work with us at the School to navigate the review process and establish a Curriculum Review Group. The Group will then review your feedback and make decisions on the future direction for the curriculum.

There are a number of ways you can get involved:

  • Express your interest – let us know you’d like to be involved and how, from driving the process as Lead Editor to sitting on the Curriculum Review Group and providing your feedback, open until the end of January. Click this link to express an interest in getting involved.
  • Provide feedback on the curriculum – the information you provide will be used by the curriculum review group to review and redevelop the curriculum. We’d be particularly pleased to hear views from graduates of the programme. Please do share the survey onwards with anyone you think would want to give feedback. Available until the end of February. Click this link to provide feedback on the curriculum.

Last updated on 11th January 2023

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