STP Helpbook for Training Centres

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17th May 2016
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The School has published a booklet of helpful advice for STP trainers. The STP ‘Helpbook for Training Centres’ is a distillation of good practice, compiled after workshops with experienced training supervisors and a range of other stakeholders. It contains a wealth of helpful advice, together with useful forms and checklists. It will form a valuable resource both for departments taking on a trainee for the first time, and for those seeking continuous improvement in their training. Not all the advice will be applicable to all departments: this is not a one-size-fits-all recipe for good training. It should, however, offer something useful even for the most experienced trainers. It is not prescriptive, but adopting the elements that best suit your department can only help achieve and maintain NSHCS accreditation as a training provider for the STP.

The Helpbook provides useful resources which we have made available for you to download and adapt locally.

  • NHS Scientist Training Programme – Helpbook for Training Centres
  • Appendix 1 – Training plan – indicative list of contents
  • Appendix 2 – Training roles
  • Appendix 3 – Statement of agreement between the trainee scientist’s employer and other training sites
  • Appendix 4 – Record of initial planning meeting
  • Appendix 5 – End of first month review
  • Appendix 6 – Telephone one-to-one
  • Appendix 7 – SMART objectives
  • Appendix 8 – Checklists

Last updated on 8th January 2020

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