STP Physiological Sciences now included in the Curriculum Library

The National School of Healthcare Science has launched the second phase of its new online Curriculum Library. The library now include modules for the STP Physiological Sciences specialities.

Users can search by programme and then filter by specialism. Each specialism will show the title and code of each of the:

  • Core modules
  • Rotation modules
  • Specialist modules.

Each module specification contains information on:

  • the aim of the module;
  • the work-based learning outcomes;
  • the work-based competencies;
  • the work-based assessments;
  • and the academic content.

Further specialities will be added in future phases, and the library will be continuously updated and improved to ensure it meets the requirements of its users. Feedback and suggestions are welcomed from users and a feedback form is available via the library.

The tool can be accessed at