Tribute to Barbara Wood

We at the National School of Healthcare Science were sad to learn of the recent death of Barbara Wood.

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13th May 2019
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Barbara was hugely influential in bringing patient and public engagement to the forefront of healthcare science education. From the start of the Modernising Scientific Careers initiative, we have had a mission to ensure that the patient is at the centre of everything we do. Barbara helped shape this agenda from the outset, and was one of its greatest champions. She had a particular interest in ensuring patient and public involvement in university healthcare science courses, and was instrumental in establishing accreditation processes to reflect this. She led or participated in countless forums, boards, accreditation panels and events. She was passionate about representing the patient voice, and took no prisoners in putting the case across. She was clever, knowledgeable, articulate, driven and forceful; and she was tireless in working towards her goals. As you got to know her, you realised she was also a great individual: warm, funny, kind and sympathetic.

The Head and staff of the School would like to pay tribute to Barbara’s invaluable contribution to healthcare science.

Last updated on 22nd July 2019

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