Update about the Scientist Training Programme final assessment

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2nd November 2020
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The National School in HEE, like other education and government institutions, continues to monitor the impact of COVID-19 on its responsibilities and in particular on the training of, and completion by, current 3rd year STP trainees.

In light of the continued difficulties involved in running face-to-face events, and also to progress with potential assessment innovations suggested by senior scientists and assessment experts during an OSFA Visioning day held in January 2020, we would like to provide you with an update on the format of the STP final assessment for 2021.

  1. The 2021 mock OSFA and summer OSFA assessment events have been cancelled.
  2. Currently, Education and Assessment experts in the National School and in HEE are working on the design of an alternative STP final assessment for trainees scheduled to complete in 2021. This will retain the successful elements of the IACC. Further details will be released in December pending HEE, HCPC and national senior scientific colleagues’ approval.

Last updated on 2nd November 2020

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