You Said We Will

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4th August 2016
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Trainee Network Group

The National School of Healthcare Science has listened to the feedback provided by trainees and training officers from the 2011 and 2012 cohort. Here’s some of the feedback we received and our responses.

You said you want us to address  We did/will
The quality and frequency of communications and information provision between all parties. We have developed a quarterly e-bulletin issued to all trainees, training officers and other stakeholders

Direct emails to trainees and training officers are now appropriately targeted at relevant groups

We have developed a national Trainee Representative Group which enables greater opportunity for trainees to feedback to the School, the themed boards and the Healthcare Science Implementation Network Group

We have encouraged the development of local trainee networks linked to the Trainee Representative Group

The content of and guidance on competencies in different specialisms Examples of competency evidence have been made available on the website

Programmes for Train the Trainer days now include targeted discussions of competencies and evidence

The Trainee Induction day includes more information on competencies and evidence

We have started the process of reviewing the curricula and will look to work with training officers and other stakeholders in this review

The provision of pastoral / study skills support to trainees We will remind trainees that the School inbox can always be used as a confidential route to contact the School, and if the issue can best be dealt with by another
The clarity of the different stakeholder roles and who to contact with different queries or problems. We have clarified the role of stakeholders at the annual STP Induction Day

We will ensure the role of stakeholders is further emphasised in the Trainee Handbook and on the website

The extent to which training officers are kept informed of trainee’s progress and performance at university Liaison between universities and employers has always been assessed as part of the HEE accreditation process. This will be reviewed in the light of this feedback.

Last updated on 5th September 2019

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