Annual Review of Progression

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3rd August 2016
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A formative trial of the Annual Review of Progression (ARP) is underway for all HSST trainees.

The ARP process aims to give trainees, training supervisors, employers, the Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS) and HEE local offices confidence that the level of training is appropriate and that progress is being monitored from which a recommendation can be made regarding a trainee’s fitness to progress from year to year.

The trial gives all stakeholders an opportunity to test and feedback on the process and outcomes in a complex training environment where there are some unique challenges. These include the fact that HSST trainees are registered clinical scientists with a proven track record of scientific practice, and therefore will not cover the curriculum in a standardised or predictable manner, meaning that expectations of progress must be flexible. Therefore this initial trial is as much about supporting trainees and training departments’ success in programme delivery as it is about formal progression on the programme.

This trial is for learning purposes only and will not, in 2016, be used to take any actions relating to trainee progression – the outcome will be shared with each trainee and their supervisor only, and is for information only.

A key component of the trial will be the opportunity for the School to consult with all stakeholders (trainees, supervisors, HEE local offices, employers, professional bodies and the AHCS) to evaluate the process, and review its aims, outcomes and objectives.

There are plans to trial the ARP in the autumn for STP trainees who are currently in their second year.

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