Selecting the right units for your Apprentice

Your healthcare science (HCS) apprentice must achieve the mandatory Level 2 or Level 4 healthcare science Diploma, and for the Level 6 apprenticeship in healthcare science, the appropriate degree. To help you as an employer select the right units for your apprentice, several examples are available for the Level 4 Diploma.

It is important to remember that you, as the employer, are in a position to negotiate with the training provider to determine what units you require for your apprentice, and the exact cost of this training and assessment. During your discussions do remember that there may need to be compromises between what you want and what the provider can deliver for the agreed cost.

In these examples the selected units exceed the minimum 100 credits needed for the Level 4 Diploma. The provider may be unable to deliver all of the requested units so you will need to agree what they can provide as a proportion above the 100 minimum requested. In this situation the employer may accept what can be provided or consider ‘topping-up’ the excess cost of the units needed.

Choosing a provider

When choosing a provider you may need to carry out a tendering process. As part of this process it may be useful to consider where a provider is located if apprentices are expected to attend any events at a providers site. An alternative is access to training via blended learning and/or attendance. You will also need to ensure that your chosen provider is using an Awarding Body that is providing the Diploma qualifications based upon the underpinning curriculum for a given healthcare science specialism.For available qualifications please look on governments Learning Aims Database or contact the School for further details.

The National School of Healthcare Science has the intellectual property rights to the curriculum content. Please contact the Assessment Team for further details at

Visit the ‘Find a training organisation’ website for providers who can deliver the apprenticeship training.

Apprenticeship funding

Levy funding can only be used to pay for recognised training providers to deliver training, education and assessment that is required to deliver the healthcare science apprenticeship; it cannot be used for salary costs.

Click here to find more information on levy funding and funding band allocations for the healthcare science apprenticeships.

Please contact the national government help desk with any individual enquiries.

Protected time for training

As an employer you need to be aware that the government requires a minimum of 20% of an apprentice’s time must be protected and away from the immediate demands of the job, in order to develop the required knowledge and skills. We recommend that you discuss this with your chosen provider and agree on how this will be delivered. It is also important to note that the provision of protected time will be part of any external quality assurance for the apprenticeship.

The Education and Skills Funding Agency has produced some guidance for employers and training providers, on how they should meet the 20% off-the-job training requirement. This includes some best practice examples.