Selecting the right units for your apprentice


Your healthcare science apprentice must achieve the mandatory Level 2 or Level 4 healthcare science Diploma, or for the Level 6 apprenticeship in healthcare science, the appropriate degree. To help you select the right units for your apprentice, we’ve provided some examples of credit allocations for a Level 4 Diploma. In these examples the selected units exceed the minimum 100 credits needed for the Level 4 Diploma.

It is important to remember that you, as the employer, are in a position to negotiate with the training provider to determine what units you require for your apprentice, and the exact cost of this training and assessment. During your discussions remember that there may need to be compromises between what you want and what the provider can deliver for the agreed cost.

The provider may be unable to deliver all of the requested units, so you will need to agree what they can provide as a proportion above the 100 minimum requested. As the employer, you may accept what can be provided or consider ‘topping-up’ the excess cost of the units needed.