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Take part in the Scientist Training Programme core curriculum review

We’re really pleased to be able share the draft of our new core STP curricula with you.

The content was developed by the core curriculum review group which included leading Clinical Scientists and senior figures from the NHS, industry and universities. The group was asked to answer the question “What key elements of practice should all Clinical Scientists be able to demonstrate on day one on the job?”

Now we need to hear from you. Does the new content uphold the standards of practice expected from a Clinical Scientist in the NHS and will a trainee completing the STP have key skills which are valuable to you?

We appreciate how busy you are as NHS key workers during the Coronavirus pandemic, but your feedback will inform the final curricula and help to shape the future of the Scientist Training Programme, so we are really keen to continue progressing the review and we need your help. We are asking you to take a look at the curriculum and provide your feedback through a survey. This should take you around an hour.

We welcome feedback from anyone with an interest in training future healthcare scientists so please do share this information.

The deadline for providing feedback is 5pm on Sunday 31st January.

Click here to take part in the STP core curriculum review


STP applications open Monday 25th January

The National School of Healthcare Science is delighted to announce that applications for the 2021 Scientist Training Programme (STP) open on Monday 25th January at 11am and close on Monday 22nd February at 4pm.

As part of the recruitment process this year, on Thursday 28th January at 2pm Professor Berne Ferry, Head of the NSHCS, Jane Lynch and Namir Al Hasso, the Training Programme Directors of the STP, and Andrew Williams, Head of Admissions, are hosting a webinar aimed specifically at those interested in applying to the 2021 Scientist Training Programme in which we will answer your questions.

Click here to find out more about the application process and how to join the webinar on Thursday 28th


HSST applications open Tuesday 16th February

The National School of Healthcare Science is delighted to announce that applications for the 2021 Higher Specialist Scientist Training programme open on Tuesday 16th February at 11am.

Click here to find out more about the application process


Healthcare Science Week 5th – 14th March 2021

Healthcare Science Week is trusts’ chance to tell their local community and other health professionals first-hand about how science and technology are vital in modern patient care and change lives for the better. It’s also an invaluable opportunity for existing healthcare science staff to inspire the next generation of healthcare science staff by promoting the new career structures in local schools and colleges.

Getting involved in healthcare science week is easy and there are many ways you can take part. Your trust could have a stand in a public area or the foyer of the hospital, give a presentation in a school or college, or invite school and college students into one of the healthcare science departments.

Click here to find out more about what you can do to promote healthcare science during this week.


New cohort of Topol Digital Fellows to start in February

The Topol Programme for Digital Fellowships in Healthcare, which is designed and delivered for HEE by the National School, will welcome its second cohort of fellows in February 2021.

Cohort 2 of the programme will provide 35 fellows with time and support to explore and develop digital service improvements in their organisations for the benefit of NHS staff and patients.

The new cohort will be larger and more professionally diverse than its predecessor, with fellows located in services from medical physics to midwifery, mental health and hospice care. This multi-disciplinary group of doctors, nurses, AHPS, scientists and pharmacists will experience a 12-month, fully online workshop programme that will step the fellows through a person-centred, agile model of digital service development.

Keep an eye out for details of both the achievements of cohort 1 and the profiles of the cohort 2 fellows being published on the Topol Review website in February when the new cohort begins.

Click here to find out more about the Topol Fellows.


HCPC Return to Practice (RTP)

The Return to Practice (RtP) programme enables former HCPC registrants that have left their professions to re-enter and gain their HCPC registration.

The programme is designed to give the opportunity for returners to refresh their knowledge and skills and complete a period of ‘updating’, offering clinical, academic and financial support to help returners meet the HCPC RTP requirements if they have been out of practice.

During the course of people’s careers some may not practise for a period of time, which can be for various reasons including caring responsibilities and parental leave. Hopefully some of those people will want to come back to their professions and resume practising, which is where the RtP programme can come in help.

Click here to find out more about the Return to Practice programme.


HEE Learning Hub

The Learning Hub is a new digital platform that provides easy access to a wide range of resources that are pertinent to education and training in health and care.

Many of the resources are in response to the COVID-19 efforts to support the health and care workforce. These resources include videos, webinars, slide presentations, Q&A packs, simulation scripts, lesson plans and web links to support system readiness, recovery and beyond.

More information about the Learning Hub can be found here.


Healthcare scientists recognised in new year's honours list

We would like to celebrate and highlight the amazing healthcare scientists that have been recognised in the new year’s honours list.

Congratulations from all of us here at the National School to:

  • Dr Sharran Grey (haematology)
  • Dr Paul Grant (virology)
  • Dr Elaine Cloutman-Green (infection prevention & control)
  • Dr Heather Williams (nuclear medicine)
  • Prof Dan Clark (clinical engineering)

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