We are responsible for the accreditation of academic programmes for the Practitioner Training Programme (PTP), the Scientist Training Programme (STP) and the Higher Specialist Scientist Training Programme (HSST) and work-based providers for the STP and HSST Programmes.


We are responsible for curricula for the Practitioner and Scientist Training Programme (PTP and STP) and Higher Specialist Scientist Training (HSST) programme.

End-point Assessment

We have been approved by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) to offer the end-point assessment (EPA) for the Levels 2, 4 and 6 Healthcare Science (HCS) Apprenticeship Standards.


We provide and support the OneFile e-portfolio service used by trainees, trainers and assessors across healthcare science programmes.

Train the Trainer

We provide face-to-face and online training and guidance for Training Officers and Supervisors on our training programmes.

Training Support

During your training, you will get support from a variety of people/organisations. It will be important that you work with all of the education providers involved in order to maximise your training experience and to access the right support where it is needed.