The Curriculum Tracker

Curricula will be reviewed by theme to make sure related curricula are updated at the same time. We’ll be working on a number of themes at any one time.

The Curriculum Tracker will give you a visual overview of how each specialty curriculum is progressing via the milestone completion boxes. By clicking on a specialty you can see more detailed information such as relevant updates or any call to actions.

Click here to view the Tracker

The review group

We will be recruiting experienced Clinical Scientists for each STP specialty to act as Lead Editors. The Lead Editor will head a Specialty Curriculum Review Group. The Review Group will be facilitated by the School and it will include:

  • Clinical Scientists
  • Academics
  • Professional body members
  • Patient representatives

The Review Group will draft an updated specialty curriculum. Afterwards there will be an opportunity for stakeholders to comment on the draft. The Review Group will consider the comments and amend the curriculum as necessary. We will be asking for your input, so please keep an eye on our curriculum review tracker and news feed for more information and complete our short survey to express an interest in contributing to the review.

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