5. Know the limitations of your role and signpost to other sources of support, where appropriate

Your training officer oversees your training and is therefore your first line of communication and support. There will be some areas that your training officer is not equipped to deal with and so signposting you to the correct people is essential. It is fundamental that, you, as a new member of staff, receive a workplace induction which includes wider points of contact and sources of support in the organisation, e.g. Occupational Health (OH); Human Resources (HR) etc.


What are your responsibilities as a trainee?

Your responsibilities are to:

  • Speak to your training officer as soon as is practicably possible if you are struggling with any aspect of your training.
  • Keep lines of communication with your training officer open. If, for whatever reason, you feel you cannot speak to your training officer, then speak to someone else in your department or organisation that you trust.
  • Make yourself aware of the different training support options available to you. These will be via your employing organisation and the National School.
  • Understand the role of the National School of Healthcare Science (NSHCS) and when to inform the School of any concerns. Find out more about the role of the National School in supporting you whilst on programme.
  • Maintain a positive, professional relationship with your training officer. This can be achieved through being prepared for regular one-to-ones and maintaining open communication with your training officer. You and your training officer may find it beneficial to individually complete a ‘Manual of Me’. This will help you understand each other better, specifically in relation to work preferences. Find out more about ‘Manual of Me’.
  • Keep your training officer and the School informed of any changes in circumstances which could affect your progress. Further details about how to do this can be found on the Training Support section of the School website.
  • Look after your own mental health and wellbeing. The National School has a wealth of resources on the Training Support section of the website to assist you.
resources resources resources

Relevant NHS Learning Hub resources for trainees

The following resources will be available soon.

  • Managing your health and wellbeing
  • Accepting help from other sources

Non-urgent advice: How to sign up for the NHS Learning Hub

If you have an NHS email

To access the NSHCS catalogue of resources, you will need to sign up for free to the NHS Learning Hub. If you already have an e-lfh (e-learning for health) login, you can sign into the Learning Hub with your e-lfh credentials. Otherwise, you will need to sign up to the NHS Learning Hub. Underneath the green sign-in button you will see ‘create an account’. Click on this and follow the instructions.

Once you have access to the Learning Hub you can access the National School of Healthcare Science catalogue.

If you do not have an NHS email address

Complete this brief form to grant us permission to send your name and e-mail address to the NHS Learning Hub development team to request access.

Once you have access to the Learning Hub you can access the National School of Healthcare Science catalogue.