Checklist for training planning

Use this checklist to help you create a detailed training plan.


The plan may consist of a series of linked documents. You will need to refer to the relevant STP curriculum which can be found in the Curriculum Library.

Item to include Content of item
Designated training officer Name and contact details
Other staff involved List and identify roles and responsibilities
Induction planned Dates, person responsible
Outline training timetable Include evidence of time allowed for academic work, competency achievement/assessment/recording/CPD.

Indicative dates for attendance – remember to amend if circumstances change

Progression milestones Identify some essential skills/competencies you would expect to see achieved by specified key dates
Planned rotations Detailed plan for each rotation; site, supervisor and skills/competencies to be covered
Clinical work planned (where appropriate) Nature of work and estimated dates
Planned progress review meeting dates Dates of meetings
Pastoral/HR/buddying or mentoring arrangements Name, role and contact details for each person
Physical resources provided List and note anything new that has to be procured
Training plan completed Signature of training officer
Awareness of annual leave dates for trainee and training officer

Download the checklist for training planning