The Crankstart Careers Mentoring Programme

Take advantage of this mentoring programme available with Oxford University Careers Service.


The Crankstart Careers Mentoring Programme matches Crankstart Scholars with an experienced professional in an industry/sector which the student is personally interested in pursuing.

Once matched, mentors and mentees will meet over 4 sessions during whatever period is deemed suitable (generally over 4 months, from February to June). Mentors and mentees are supported throughout this time by the Careers Mentoring Team at the Internship Office.

If you are selected to be a mentee, you will receive an extensive guide and training before meeting your mentor – so don’t worry if you feel unsure about what a mentoring session itself would be like.

Here are some of the benefits from having a mentor on the Crankstart Careers Mentoring Programme:

  • Insight into an industry/sector you may have otherwise had not had the chance to gain.
  • Opportunity to reflect on your career ambitions and goals.
  • Chance to be challenged during your sessions, in a way which will differ from your academic challenges.
  • Build confidence by gaining invaluable employability skills.
  • Opportunity to potentially build networks and develop an awareness on how to make and maintain professional contacts.

Visit their website below for further information about the programme and how to get in touch.


Last updated on 20th February 2024