How do you become a clinical academic?

There is no one path to becoming a clinical academic. Find out about the different routes here.


Not everyone will start from the same place or finish up at the same end point. Different individuals will engage with research at different levels and at different stages in their professional development.

Our Scientist Training Programme and Higher Specialist Scientist Training programme are training programmes that provide knowledge and skills to become Clinical Scientists and Consultants. Research skills and knowledge are an integral part of these programmes.

Leaders in research will further develop their research practice, skills, and knowledge by applying for and taking up other funding, training, and development opportunities. They will build relationships with key partners such as academic groups and institutions. This set of interconnected development opportunities and betterment can be thought of as a career pathway.

Clinical academic careers have been achieved in multiple ways and are very much determined by local circumstances and the opportunities that are sort out. Clinical Academic Healthcare Scientists describe their journeys in our clinical academic profiles below.


Last updated on 15th February 2024