Exceptions to the HSST Doctoral Award

Last Updated: 17th September 2020

Life Sciences HSST trainees

Life sciences trainees may complete all, or part of the DClinSci, but although encouraged this is not mandatory providing they can meet all of the HSST requirements via another route. However, life sciences trainees should also be aware of an agreement between MAHSE and RCPath which allows a trainee to follow a dual track qualifications pathway, for completion of FRCPath and DClinSci.

Following an agreement reached with the Royal College of Pathologists for trainees in Life Sciences specialisms, successful completion of FRCPath part 1 can be used to demonstrate the scientific specialist knowledge required for the Doctorate. Similarly the research project undertaken as part of the Professional Doctorate, can be used to demonstrate the required research competencies for FRCPath part 2.

Medical Physics Expert Programme

Trainees following the Medical Physics Expert Programme only (MPE), can complete the MPE modules within the first 12 months of their two-year programme.

Any HSST trainees following the MPE with the professional doctorate,  the MPE modules will be completed in year one (three modules) and year two (one module).