Definitions for HSST completion

Details about some of the definitions used when we talk about completion.


End date

This is the date when the HSST Health Education England funding ends. This is at the end of 5 years of training taking into account any extensions, interruptions or step offs. It is expected that by this date HSST trainees will have submitted their thesis (if doing DClinSci), had at least the first attempt of their final professional exam (FRCPath Part 2 or IAPS) and completed all workplace evidence on OneFile.


Completion deadline

This is 12 months after the HSST end date. By this deadline all evidence required for completion must be submitted to the School in order to receive the HSST Completion Certificate.

The HSST completion form must be filled in and the supporting evidence attached. This evidence includes certificates for the academic qualification (DClinSci or PgDip plus letter confirming Innovation Proposal and Lay Presentation), professional qualification (FRCPath/IAPSs/CEng) and completed OneFile sign off.


12 month unfunded window

This refers to the 12 months between the HSST end date and HSST completion deadline. The intension of this 12 month period is to allow for processes following thesis submission, including viva, corrections, resubmission and ultimate approval of the DClinSci award. This 12-month window will also allow for re-sits of the final professional exam (IAPS or RCPath) if the first attempt is not successful. Please take into account that the IAPS runs twice per year in May and November. However, some RCPath Part 2 exams are only offered once per year. You can view the 2022 RCPath exam schedule here.


HSST exit

This refers to HSST trainees leaving the programme prior to completion of all elements. This can be for a variety of reasons. These trainees are invited to participate in an HSST Exit Interview, so that reasons for exit can be monitored and reviewed.

Last updated on 3rd May 2022