What will I be assessed on?

Standardised assessment is used to assess a trainee's competence in core skills and knowledge domains, as part of the decision about a trainee's fitness to practise.


Also used is assessment of activity in the workplace, which is mapped against the Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS) Standards of Proficiency for Higher Specialist Scientists, and referenced to the curriculum.

A blend of methods is used to ensure robust evidence is captured relating to the 3 components of the programme.

The components are:

  • Acquisition and application of specialist scientific knowledge up to Consultant Clinical Scientist level.
  • Mastery and practice of higher clinical and scientific skills, including professionalism, and the values, behaviours and attitudes expected of leaders in healthcare science.
  • Ability to make a significant contribution to knowledge generation and innovation in healthcare science service and practice.

Last updated on 4th July 2023