To confirm exemption status from the Research Project, trainees with a PhD must send the following information to the NSHCS:

  1. Name and full contact details
  2. Year of PhD award
  3. Awarding university
  4. Confirmation of award (e.g. certificate or letter from the awarding university)
  5. Title of PhD
  6. PhD abstract in full

As a general principle, it is likely that exemption from the Research Project will be granted for PhDs that are relevant to the trainee’s HSST specialism, or a cognate specialism, and completed within the last ten years. Trainees who have a PhD and wish to exempt themselves from completing the research project should submit their evidence to the NSHCS as soon as possible after commencing HSST, and no later than the beginning of Year 3. Please send the information to and title your email ‘HSST: DClinSci Research Project exemption information’.

Trainees must note that it is not possible to gain the DClinSci award unless the Research Project is completed.

Please note: Even when a Trainee’s PhD is accepted as an exemption from the Research Project and the Trainee does not wish to gain the full DClinSci award, they will still need to undertake and pass the Innovation Proposal and Lay Talk components of Section C, as these fulfil the HSSR requirements