Independent Assessment of Professional Skills (IAPS) – the HSST final assessment

The IAPS is an independent assessment of a showcase of completed evidence for the Standards of Proficiency for Higher Specialist Scientists. A successful IAPS is part of the completion requirements for specialties that do not obtain FRCPath status as part of their HSST.


About the IAPS

The assessment consists of a scientific paper for review and an interview, undertaken by three consultant level examiners. IAPS is available to HSST trainees twice a year in May and November and requires submission of a showcase of work, on which to base the interview, 3 months prior to this. Therefore, submission of a showcase is required in February or August. Click this link for exact deadline dates and plan completion of your portfolio and showcase accordingly.

An application to exit the programme will require the trainee to confirm that they have met the requirements of their HSST pathway. For those HSST’s who require an IAPS (all HSST’s in Physical, Physiological and Bioinformatics) a successful IAPS outcome is required to be able to exit the programme.


Guidance on the stages of the IAPS and how to book your assessment

Detailed guidance on the various stages of the IAPS is available below, together with guidance on how to book your assessment and preparing for the different components.


Last updated on 8th March 2024