Latest update on the STP educational training support funding

Useful information for STP trainees and training officers about the educational training support funding.

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5th July 2022
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Commissioners of the Scientist Training Programme (STP) will allocate £2,000, per trainee, each academic year, for educational training support and supply to the individual employers via the agreed contractual arrangements. For Health Education England (HEE), this funding will be included in the Trust’s Educational Contract, along with the salary support for trainees.

Under normal circumstances, the primary purpose of this funding is to contribute to the travel and accommodation expenses that a trainee will incur as part of the academic component of the programme but can be used for other educational purposes/opportunities such as attending the NSHCS induction. Due to the impact of the pandemic on delivery models of academic programmes, trainees and training departments should consider utilising the funding for other online learning resources relevant to their programmes,  for example attendance at virtual conferences, where that will enhance their learning.

Funding cannot at present, be utilised to fund specific elective modules or to procure IT equipment which should be provided to trainees by their employer to support any remote/home working requirements.

HEE reserves the right to audit and/or request accountability information in relation to how the education training support fund has been utilised.


Last updated on 5th July 2022

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