Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) programme repeats survey of healthcare workforce

Last updated: 25th September 2019

Request for Healthcare Scientists to complete technology survey

The Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) programme have been conducting a survey of the healthcare workforce in their attitudes towards technology for education and training. In 2017, Health Education England (HEE) commissioned educational research company Towards Maturity to undertake a learner experience survey across healthcare to help understand NHS attitudes and experience of using technology in learning. Over 1500 NHS staff helped to complete the survey which provided a rich picture of how different staff groups were using technology to access education and their experience of using Technology Enhanced Learning.

The survey is now being repeated to see if there have been any changes in peoples attitudes and we urgently need responses from Healthcare Scientists. The survey should only take approximately 15 minutes to complete and is available online at

The survey closes on Monday 30th September 2019.