Marking and feedback


You will be assessed on the quality of your discussion in meeting the standard for Elements 1 and 2.

Each panel examiner will assess your discussion, record their judgement and comments independently without reference to the other examiners.  Each examiner is required to provide comments for all trainees for element 1 and under each domain for element 2. These will ensure the justification for their assessment.

At the end of the event, the panel will discuss their judgements and come to a consensus about the outcome under each element which, together, will provide the overall outcome from the IAPS. The panel will also agree on the comments to be submitted alongside the outcome for element 1 and under each domain for element 2. Examiner comments are provided for all candidates in the individual ‘IAPS candidate report’ irrespective of whether they have achieved the standard for passing the IAPS.

The LPE will record the overall outcome and agreed comments as well as the agreed elemental outcomes and comments on a candidate’s report template. This will be the panel’s recommendation from your IAPS to initially forward to the Examination Board to review.