Outcomes from the IAPS


Releasing your outcome

The outcome from your IAPS will be released within three weeks of your IAPS event.

You will receive by email, copied to your workplace supervisor, a report detailing your outcome, together with examiner comments for each element. The report will also indicate the next steps.


Possible outcomes from the IAPS

There are five possible outcomes from the IAPS, each with different consequences and next steps.


You have demonstrated practice at Consultant Clinical Scientist level. Your results have been recorded for processing and you will duly receive your Certificate of Completion of the Higher Specialist Scientist Training Programme signed by Professor Berne Ferry, the Head of the National School of Healthcare Science.

Referred with a failure on the specialist paper

Reassessment is required against a different specialist paper to the original one. You are required to book for a further Professional Discussion at the next available IAPS event. An email will be sent to you to arrange this.

Referred with a single SoP domain failure

You will need to undergo a Skype interview with the lead examiner concerning this specific domain. An email to arrange this will be sent to you.

Referred with multiple SoP domain failures

You are required to resubmit Showcase evidence for each SoP Domain failure and attend for a further Professional Discussion against all failed domains at the next available IAPS event. You are required to rebook for a further Professional Discussion.

Referred with specialist paper and SoP domain(s) failure

You are required to retake the full IAPS at the next available opportunity.