ETP Monthly Memo (December 2023)

The ETP Monthly Memo includes the latest programme updates, events and key resources for ETP trainees and training officers.

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ETP Monthly Memo 2023
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Information for trainees

Managing completion

As you are heading towards the end of your programme we thought we would just remind you of the completion deadline and offer some hints on how to manage completion so you can plan accordingly.

Unless you have an approved extension via the School’s Exceptional Extenuating Circumstances policy or the University, you should be aiming to have achieved the following by 8th April 2024:

  1. 100% completion of your e-portfolio – OneFile
  • Module A-CS-S1 – Introduction to Clinical Echocardiography
  • Module SPS121 – Ultrasound Imaging in Cardiac Disease
  1. Pass in the PGCert in Clinical Echocardiography
  1. Accreditation with the British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) – theory and practical examinations
  • Level 2 Transthoracic Accreditation Process

Click here to view the completion criteria

Tips to help you complete the ETP

  • The BSE will endeavour to offer places for people on the ETP at the appropriate practical assessment. Please ensure they are aware you are on the programme if you are unable to gain a place immediately.
  • Make sure you have planned to complete both the theory and practical elements of the BSE accreditation before the completion deadline. If you fail the practical exam, you will be permitted up to 6 months to resit and pass it and still be able to complete the ETP. Any further time required will need to be discussed with the School.
  • If you are having problems with collating sufficient cases for your BSE practical exam then speak to your Training Officer early and come and talk to the School on your options.
  • Trainees who do not achieve the requirements by the deadline and who have not previously notified the School of any barriers to completion may fail the ETP. If you do not plan effectively and communicate early we won’t be able to help you.
  • Completion of your e-portfolio is a mandatory requirement. If you don’t achieve this without sufficient reason this outcome will be reported to NHSE commissioners and quality teams which may impact on future funding for the programme.
  • If you have exceptional circumstances impacting on the progress and completion of your programme you can seek more time or adjustments via the School’s Exceptional Extenuating Circumstances policy.

So, make sure you plan, review and act regularly and discuss your progress with your Training Officer. If you have concerns about meeting the requirements of the programme in the timeframe allowed come and talk to the School. We will be happy to advise you. Email us at


Information for training officers

Curriculum review update

This week we’ve received final approval for the revised ETP curriculum. We’ll be able to share the curriculum with you in the new year.

The School would like to thank Lee, as Lead Editor, and all of the Curriculum Review Group members for their hard work on the curriculum.

We’ll be publishing the curriculum in the Curriculum Library and sharing it with you in the next edition of this memo so watch this space.

Learning resources on the NHS Learning Hub

To support you to develop the knowledge and skills associated with the School’s training standards, we are developing a suite of short training resources within the NHS Learning Hub. These are not mandatory and are meant to support you in your own professional development as a trainer, irrespective of the programme.

To access the NHS Learning Hub you will need to have an account with the service. The details on how to do this can be found within the training standards pages on our website, linked to below.

The following modules are already available on the NHS Learning Hub. Please click on the links to access them:

Modules coming soon:

  • Planning for learning and assessment
  • Strategies for managing many trainees at once
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Developing coaching skills
  • Developing as a mentor
  • Explore opportunities in practice to embed EDI
  • The principles of differentiated and adaptive practice
  • Embedding the NHS values into training
  • Approaches to learning
  • Andragogy and pedagogy
  • Motivation and learning
  • Evaluating your own practice
  • Supporting neurodivergent trainees with their training
  • Developing evidence to demonstrate proficiency in work-based training

If you would like training on a specific topic and it does not appear amongst the NHS Learning Hub resources (already available or proposed), please contact the School’s Education Training Manager Sally Clee at as we are keen to ensure that the offering is responsive to the needs of trainers, assessors and educators.


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