STP Monthly Memo (August 2023)

The STP Monthly Memo includes the latest programme updates, events and key resources for STP trainees and training officers.

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STP Monthly Memo 2023
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Message from your Training Programme Directors

Namir Al Hasso, Dr EMma Bowers, Dr Jo Horne, Jane Lynch and Aarti Makan

This month’s message is from Dr EMma Bowers:

As I write this intro I am travelling on a train, one of my favourite activities. I seem to be sharing a carriage with a wonderfully loud young family. They are on their first train adventure and get very excited every time they see a cow. Consequently, my concentration isn’t as good as it should be, particularly because we are going through a rural part and there are cows galore which are accompanied by many excited squeals! So apologises if this writing isn’t very structured.

I hope you are all continuing to enjoy STP, probably not as loudly as this family are enjoying their train journey, but just as enthusiastically. I’m looking forward to welcoming the 2023 cohort on 8 September at their induction day, this event is always a highlight of my year, as it is probably my only opportunity to meet trainees face-to-face.

I hope the 2022 cohort are finishing up their rotations. The expectation with the new curriculum is that these should be fully completed within the first year of training, regardless of specialism. We are inviting this cohort to a webinar, on the 11 September, about the new approach to work-based assessments which are being introduced for the 2nd year specialism modules, so please register. If you cannot make this webinar, I urge you to watch it as soon as you can once it has been uploaded on to our website. Additionally, we have published some new to help you to maximise the opportunities offered by the Independent Professional Development module. We summarise and link to this information below.

The 2021 cohort should be reflecting on the progress they are making on the old curriculum and preparing to be the senior trainees in their departments. I would certainly encourage you to buddy up with a new trainee starting this year, so you can help them navigate the initial inevitable uncertainty at the beginning of their training. This will also help you fulfil professional practice competencies!

Congratulations to the 2020 cohort who have passed their IACC. Those of you who weren’t successful are welcome to take up the offer of a support meeting where we can discuss the best way forward. This newsletter also contains all the information you need to complete STP. May I wish this cohort all the best in for their new endeavours as registered Clinical Scientists and hope they face the new challenges ahead of them with as much passion as this young family have for cows. (I never realised how many cows were on this train route until each one has been individually pointed out to the whole carriage!)

As is always the case, there is a lot of information for trainers in this newsletter, so please can you familiarise yourselves with the new workplace assessment arrangements for the 2022 cohort and the completion criteria for the 2023 cohort. We are holding another of our Healthcare Science Education and Training Collaboratives online in November. This meeting has a very relevant agenda and we are keen that as many trainers as possible attend so that we can have an exchange of ideas about meeting the needs of training the healthcare science workforce.

You will be pleased to know that horses are now just as exciting as cows. It looks like this young family will be enjoying train travel as much as I do.


Information for year three trainees

Completion 2023 information and guidance

Now that most of you have sat your IACC and completed your MSc we hope that you are focusing on completing the final tasks for your e-portfolio so that you can successfully exit the STP. Most importantly, we very much hope that you are looking forward to your future careers.

We want to give you an update on the next stages for completion so you know what to expect and can keep an eye out for communications from us.

Upcoming communications

1. Data Audit and Exit Survey – Week commencing 21 August August 2023

Online link sent to your preferred email address. This data is required for certification and HCPC registration purposes.

2. Declaration of Scientific Competence. E-portfolio sign off if required – Week commencing 21 August 2023

Online link sent to your Training Officers by email. Only required if rotations or specialist modules are not going to be complete by the deadline on the e-portfolio (completion routes 2, 3 or 4). If your Training Officer is not registered with the HCPC as a Clinical or Biomedical Scientist then a counter signatory will be needed. Counter signatory link will be sent once Training Officers identify the appropriate contact.

3. STP completion deadline – 18 September 2023 at 5pm

E-portfolio will be suspended from the deadline. You will retain viewing but not editing rights from this point. If you were unsuccessful at your IACC attempt you will still be expected to meet the e-portfolio completion deadline. Exceptions to the deadline are only granted via the School’s Exceptional Extenuating Circumstances policy (EEC).

4. Quality Checking – From 19 September 2023

School will review all e-portfolio accounts and cross reference with MSc and IACC outcomes to determine completion status.

5. STP Outcomes Released – From 25 September 2023

You will receive confirmation of completion outcomes via email.

  • Complete – you will receive email and digital completion certificate if you have completed the data audit
  • Part complete – confirms completion of the e-portfolio and identifies which of the other completion requirements are outstanding e.g. IACC or MSc. If you need to resit the IACC, your e-portfolio will be reactivated at this point provided you have met the e-portfolio completion requirements
  • Incomplete – you have not met the completion requirements for the E-portfolio. You will be contacted by the School.

6. Registration with the HCPC – From 16 October 2023

If you have completed the STP and submitted the data audit then your information will be forwarded to the HCPC. You must allow a minimum of 10 working days from the date you receive confirmation of completion before contacting the HCPC to give the School and the HCPC time to process your data. Please contact HCPC for any queries regarding registration or

7. Hard Copy Certificates – October 2023 onwards

Will be sent up to 4 weeks following digital confirmation of your completion. Certificates will be sent from a third party provider and so you must complete the data audit to give us the most up-to-date contact address for your certificate.

Exceptions/extensions or issues with completion

1. Concerns/queries regarding completion – End of August 2023

You or your training officer must contact the School if you think you will not be able to meet the completion requirements of the programme. Email us at

2. Last date to submit an EEC application

If you have grounds for an extension as identified in the School’s EEC Policy. All applications and evidence to by 23rd August 2023. Final panel sits 6 September 2023.

Click here to find the information and guidance for STP trainees completing the programme in 2023


Information for year one trainees

Changes to the assessment of trainees on the new STP curricula – webinars

We will be running a webinar in September for trainees who began the STP programme in 2022 to introduce the changes we are making to assessment on the programme.

The webinar will cover:

  • the standards we are introducing for the performance and conduct of work-based assessment
  • the progress we are making with the redesign of the final assessment for 2025
  • the progress we are making with a revised approach to progression review

The webinar will take place on 11 September from 1pm to 2pm. Follow the link below to register for the webinar.

A parallel webinar introducing the changes for trainers will take place on 5 September at 1pm.

Click here to register for the webinar for trainees

Individual professional development module guidance

This new compulsory module is for the 2022 curriculum.

This module provides an opportunity for you to develop your own practice. This module gives you an opportunity to work on an area of your practice that is just about you.

An important point to remember when thinking about how you might approach this module is that while this is an opportunity to develop you, it’s about developing you to be a better Clinical Scientist and ultimately, improving how you contribute to patient care. What you do needs to be discussed and agreed with your Training Officer, so you need to be able to make a reasoned case to demonstrate that what you’re suggesting will support your development.

Click here to find more information and guidance about the IPD module


Information for training officers

Changes to assessment on new curricula – webinars

We will be running a webinar in early September for Training Officers and trainers of STP trainees who are on the new curricula, to introduce the changes we are making to assessment on the programme.

The webinar will cover:

  • the standards we are introducing for the performance and conduct of work-based assessment
  • the progress we are making with the redesign of the final assessment for 2025
  • the progress we are making with a revised approach to progression review

The webinar will take place on September 5 from 1pm – 2pm. Follow the link below to register for the webinar.

A parallel webinar introducing the changes for trainees will take place on September 11 at 1pm.

Click here to register for the webinar for trainers

Changes to the annual monitoring process for 2023

Annual monitoring is a requirement for STP accredited departments. The new process will require you to report on:

  • Staffing and organisational changes
  • Changes to training planning and the availability of resources
  • Engagement in ‘Train the Trainer’
  • Challenges encountered in delivering the programme
  • Support provided for equality, diversity and inclusion

Previously, annual monitoring was completed in September of every year. Going forward annual monitoring will happen in July of every year.

The annual monitoring process for 2023 will open on Wednesday 26 July 2024 and will close on the Monday 30 September 2024. The reporting period will be retrospective, now focusing on the academic year September 2023 to August 2024.

If you have just been accredited or reaccredited for a specialty you will be exempt from completing the process for the upcoming round.

Click here for more information about the annual monitoring process

New trainers induction event

If you are new to the role of STP trainer you are welcome to attend this event on Wednesday 13 September 2023 at 10:00am to 12:00pm.

The induction for new STP trainers will provide:

  • an overview of the STP
  • an introduction to the role of the STP trainer and what you need to know
  • an outline of the responsibilities of those involved with the training of an
  • STP trainee, including the role of the National School

Click here to register for the webinar for new STP trainers

Induction package for trainees starting in 2023

As part of the induction package for trainee’s starting in September 2023 we have a combination of face-to-face and online sessions.

Below are the key dates to be aware of when working on your trainees training plans:

  • Friday 8 September – face-to-face induction day in central Birmingham
  • Tuesday 12 September at 4:00pm – online webinar: understanding work-based assessments
  • Thursday 14 September at 4:00pm – online webinar: getting to know the OneFile e-portfolio service
  • Tuesday 19 September at 4:00pm – online webinar: progression expectations and reviews
  • Thursday 21 September at 4:00pm – online webinar: question & answer session with panel of Training Programme Directors and Heads of Functions

The School events team will be in touch with the incoming trainees directly with registration links and information.

Guidance on the educational training support funding

Commissioners of the Scientist Training Programme will allocate £2,000 per trainee, each academic year, for educational training support and transfer the funding to individual employers via the agreed contractual arrangements.

The primary purpose of this funding is to contribute to the travel and accommodation expenses that a trainee will incur as part of the academic component of the programme but it can be used for other educational purposes/opportunities such as attending the NSHCS induction.

Click here to find our guidance on the educational training support funding

Next Healthcare Science Education and Training Collaborative meeting

Our next Healthcare Science Education and Training Collaborative meeting will be online on Tuesday 7 November 2023.

The Healthcare Science Education and Training Collaborative has been set up to enable collaboration between the healthcare science work-based training centres, the relevant Higher Education Institutes, the professional bodies and the National School of Healthcare Science.

As STP training officers you should have received an invitation to our next meeting earlier this month. You can also find the agenda and registration link on our website.

Click here to find more information about the Healthcare Science Education and Training Collaborative meetings

Managing your trainees

We have created a section on our website providing answers  about issues ranging from study leave to funding.

This month’s featured FAQ is:

Q – Who do trainees inform of a change of personal details?

A – Personal records must be kept up-to-date with the employing Trust, on the e-portfolio and with the School.

Click here to find FAQs on management of trainees for STP trainers.


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