Changes to the annual monitoring process for 2023

We have revised our annual monitoring process for STP and HSST. ETP will also be included in this process. 

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31st July 2023
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Accreditation, Echocardiography Training Programme, HSST, STP

Annual monitoring is a requirement for STP and HSST accredited departments, and ETP endorsed departments. The new process will require you to report on:

  • Staffing and organisational changes
  • Changes to training planning and the availability of resources
  • Engagement in ‘Train the Trainer’
  • Challenges encountered in delivering the programme
  • Support provided for equality, diversity and inclusion

Previously, annual monitoring was completed in September of every year. Going forwards this will happen in July of every year.

The annual monitoring process for 2023 will open on Wednesday 26 July 2024 and will close on the Monday 30 September 2024. The reporting period will be retrospective, now focusing on the academic year September 2023 to August 2024. You would need to report on any changes that have taken place or are going to take place during this academic year.

If you have just been accredited, reaccredited, or endorsed for a specialty between 26 July 2023 and 26 July 2024, you will be exempt from completing the process. However, the following year, in July 2025, you will be required to complete annual monitoring.

Please be aware, if you are part of a consortium or hub that delivers STP or HSST training, the training lead for the consortium or hub will be emailed separately to complete the process on behalf of the whole consortium or hub.

If you have changes within the department that you would like to report now, please use the relevant change notification form.  The change notification process is always available to provide departments with a space to supply details of any organisational changes in between and during periods of annual monitoring. If you notify the NSHCS of any future changes through our change notification process, you are not required to report these changes again through our annual monitoring process.

Last updated on 15th August 2023

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