Notify us about any changes

Guidance about significant changes that you should report to the School.


If there are any significant changes in your department since you were first accredited that could affect the quality of training being delivered, please complete the change notification form and email it to


Examples of changes you need to report

  • A change in the training officer or workplace supervisor. You will also need to complete the document ‘Evidence of meeting requirements for Training Officer/Workplace Supervisor Role’ form.
  • Any changes in other staff who are involved in the delivery training. You will also need to complete an ‘Education and training qualifications’ form; CVs are an additional source of information you can include.
  • Changes to the organisational structure of your department please also send us an up-to-date organisation structure chart.
  • A change in the curriculum the department is able to deliver.
  • Change of address of the department and other changes that this may bring.
  • Mergers with other departments or trusts.

Example change notification packs

Here are examples of the forms you will need to complete when notifying us of important changes.


Last updated on 23rd January 2024