How do I express an interest in hosting a trainee?

A brief summary of what you will need to do to express an interest in hosting a STP, HSST or ETP trainee in your department.


Posts are commissioned by employers through the NHS England (NHSE) commissions office either as a supernumerary post created specifically for the purpose of training (direct entry) or as an in-service post, where staff members are seconded to complete training.

Posts can only be commissioned within those departments that meet our accreditation requirements or those who are in the process of applying for accreditation. Employers will be required to demonstrate to both the commissioners and us that they meet the requirements of the NHSE Quality Framework and can deliver the specific requirements of the training programme. The commissioning process occurs annually usually starting in the autumn of the year preceding appointments.

You need to contact your local healthcare science lead. There may be specific conditions that your department needs to have in place before agreeing to commission a trainee post. You must also inform your Lead Scientist and Trust Education and Training Lead of your plans to employ a trainee.

You can find details about your local healthcare science lead below.


Healthcare Science Leads

Contact details Area
Jennifer Boughen
Katrina Oates
East of England
Please email London
Maxine Kwofie
Tel: 0121 695 2500
Midlands (East and West)
Sally Drew
Tel: 07920 834506
North East, Yorkshire and Humber
Nicholas Fowler-Johnson North West
Shakira Greaves South East (Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Wessex, Thames Valley)
Helene Fouquet
Tel: 01454 252726
South West (includes Salisbury)
Christine Love
Tel: 01445 848548
Website: HEIW recruitment to STP
Robert Farley
Tel: 0131 656 3230
Peter Barbour
Professor Ian Young
Northern Ireland

Get involved with the School

The School promotes the highest standards in healthcare science training, and departments bring their skills and experience in training, together there are mutual benefits which can contribute towards an excellent training experience. Departments can get involved in the School’s work by participating in the following activities:

  • recruitment to the training schemes
  • assessing for the final assessment
  • attending events and meetings
  • volunteering for activities such as training centre accreditation panels

Visit our ‘Get involved’ section for further information on how you can help the School.

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Maintain trainer/trainee networks (local and regional)

There may be formally convened networks of training officers or equivalent elsewhere in the UK. Networks can also be formed locally, regionally, and nationally through professional bodies, social media, or national conferences. Trainees will also form online networks and will meet others in their specialty when they attend their HEI or School inductions, meetings, or events. If there are trainees in other specialties in other departments, the training officers from each department may have valuable insights to share and, in some cases, learning resources that can apply across the whole healthcare science workforce.

Last updated on 12th March 2024