STP Monthly Memo (September 2023)

The STP Monthly Memo includes the latest programme updates, events and key resources for STP trainees and training officers.

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STP Monthly Memo 2023
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Message from your Training Programme Directors

Namir Al Hasso, Dr EMma Bowers, Dr Jo Horne, Jane Lynch and Aarti Makan

This month’s message is from Dr Lisa Ayers, Interim Head of School

Welcome to the September Monthly Memo. September is a month of new starts for Healthcare Science training. Firstly, a massive welcome and congratulations to all the trainees joining programmes this month. We hope you enjoy this time attending Induction, getting to know your colleagues and fellow trainees, and starting the academic and workplace learning.

Thank you to all Training Officers and Supervisors for welcoming your new trainees and helping them to settle into the programmes. Your role is essential for the success of trainees and training within Healthcare Science as a whole. At the NSHCS we look forward to working with you over the coming years on your Healthcare Science training journey.


Information for year three trainees completing in 2023

Completion 2023 information and guidance

From 25 September 2023 you will receive confirmation of you completion outcome via email. The range of possible outcomes are as follows:

  • Complete – you will receive email and digital completion certificate if you have completed the data audit
  • Part complete – confirms completion of the e-portfolio and identifies which of the other completion requirements are outstanding e.g. IACC or MSc. If you need to resit the IACC, your e-portfolio will be reactivated at this point provided you have met the e-portfolio completion requirements
  • Incomplete – you have not met the completion requirements for the e-portfolio. You will be contacted by the School.

If you feel that your ability to complete the required training activities has been significantly affected, you can apply for an extension of time via the Exceptional Extenuating Circumstances policy. The policy allows you to apply for changes to your training programme.

If you require assistance in completing the application form or require further advice about the policy process please read the guidance available on our website.

Click here to find the information and guidance for STP trainees completing the programme in 2023

Winter IACC – Reasonable adjustments

The deadline to apply for a reasonable adjustment to your IACC is Friday 6 October at 12pm. Each application is considered by a reasonable adjustment panel. Therefore your application must be accompanied with relevant and up-to-date evidence to support your application.

Where you have a condition or a disability and feel you have additional needs, this policy enables you to request reasonable adjustments in your final assessment that are aimed at minimising barriers that might affect your performance in the assessment.

We are unable to grant extensions to the written reflective practice component of the IACC under the reasonable adjustments policy. The deadlines that have been provided are a window of opportunity for you to submit the reflection you have been working on, not a set timeframe to complete all work.

If you are resitting your IACC and have previously been granted reasonable adjustments, you must confirm with the school by email as to whether your circumstances have changed in any way since your previous application and to seek further advice.

Click here to find the reasonable adjustments policy


Information for year three trainees completing in 2024

Completion 2024 information and guidance

The deadline for trainees exiting the STP in 2024 is 5:00pm on Monday 16th September 2024. These dates may be subject to review, but it is anticipated that completion will be required on the third Monday of September each year.

Click here to find the information and guidance for STP trainees completing the programme in 2024


Information for year one trainees

STP 2023 Induction Day presentation slides

Copies of the main presentations used at the Scientist Training Programme 2023 induction event for new trainees can be found on our website. The presentations are:

  • Becoming a healthcare scientist – Dr Lisa Ayers
  • Your health and wellbeing – Dr Jo Horne
  • What are we expecting from you in the next 2 months? – Dr EMma Bowers
  • Closing remarks

If you were unable to attend the induction, we recommend you work through the presentations, as a lot of vital information was provided on the day.

Click here to view the presentation slides used at this years induction for new trainees

STP 2023 Induction online events

As part of the 2023 induction package for new trainees we are hosting a series of online webinars. Two of these webinars took place last week and you will be able to watch the recordings on our website later this month.

There are two more sessions taking place this week:

  • Tuesday 19 September at 4:00pm – Progression expectations and reviews
  • Thursday 21 September at 4:00pm – Question and answer session with panel of Training Programme Directors and Heads of Functions

Registration form for OneFile

The School’s Digital Team have sent all new trainees a request to supply information that we need in order to set up your OneFile e-portfolio account.

To receive your OneFile login details, you’ll need to provide key information to the School. In particular, we will need you to supply us with details about your training officer and your new workplace email address.

On Monday 11 September, these requests were sent to the email address registered with us for STP Induction. If you have not already done so, please aim to fill this form in by 22 September.

STP trainees website section

On our website we have a dedicated section with information and resources to help current STP trainees during their training.

Please do take some time to familiarise yourself with this section and the information available to you.

Click here to view the STP trainees section

Trainee networks

There are lots of trainee networks available for you to join during your training programme. The networks offer a chance to communicate with others during your training. They also run events that help complete elements of your training.

Most of the trainee networks were at the Induction Day for you to have a conversation with.

You can find the contact details on our website.

Click here to view the STP trainee networks


Information for training officers

Training standards and expectations

The training standards and expectations for the role of STP work-based trainer are now available.

Taking on the trainer role is a significant responsibility and commitment. To support you and your departmental colleagues to navigate these responsibilities we have developed this set of training standards which clearly articulate what is expected of you.

There are 5 training standards and for each one there is a suite of training materials available on the NHS Learning Hub which we encourage you to access.

Click here for the training standards and their associated support resources, including how to sign up to the NHS Learning Hub

Explainer webinars for new STP assessment strategy

In our recent webinars for trainees and trainers who are training under the new curricula, we announced a number of changes to assessment on the programme. These include the introduction of a set of standards for the performance and conduct of work-based assessment and a new progression review process.

Following publication of the details of these changes in the coming weeks on the School website, we will be running a series of short ‘explainer’ webinars where you can learn more about, and ask questions about, different aspects of these changes.

Click here to view details of the explainer webinars (expired link)

Changes to assessment on the new STP curricula – trainers’ webinar slides

The slides used by the School to summarise changes to assessment on the new STP curricula at the recent webinar for trainers held on September 5, are available to download from the School website.

Click here to download the trainers’ webinar slides

Managing your trainees

We have created a section on our website providing answers  about issues ranging from study leave to funding.

This month’s featured FAQ is:

Q – Are training departments expected to give study leave to trainees on the STP?

A – We advise that employers facilitate a 80:20 split (or 1 day per week if full time) between routine workplace commitments and academic studies. 20% of the trainee’s time must be protected for private study, including university work, reflective writing, reading and portfolio completion. This applies throughout the programme, regardless of whether the trainee is in university term time.

You are advised to contact us to discuss difficulties in securing protected time for training as employers not facilitating this risk losing their accredited status as a training centre.

Click here to find FAQs on management of trainees for STP trainers.


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