FAQs about non-staff expenses on Assure Expenses

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions you may have about the Assure Expenses system for non-staff claims.


I’ve registered for an account but I can’t login. Why is this?

You will receive a welcome email when your account is activated, containing your login details. The activation process is manual, and we only activate accounts on weekdays, in two sessions am and pm. If you’ve registered in between, or at the weekend, there may be a short delay in receiving your welcome email.

I’m using the Assure links provided, but keep getting a Mimecast web page. What should I do?

Mimecast is security software used widely in the NHS to protect our networks when using external links.  This isn’t an error with the Assure system and you will need to follow the instructions on the Mimecast page before you can access Assure.  It should be a straightforward process but get in touch with your employer’s IT department if you have any issues.

I used the system last year and can’t remember my details. Should I create another account?

No, please do not create another account as it is unlikely to be activated. Use the forgotten details link or get in touch with us at england.heenon@nhs.net

The password reset link won’t work. Why is it not working?

If you have an active account and the forgotten details link gives you an error and doesn’t send a reset link, contact us on england.heenon@nhs.net and we will send you one.  If you have used the same email as your employer has in their version of Assure, the system doesn’t know which account you’re resetting.

If you are still waiting for your welcome email, your account is not active and you will not be able to login or use the reset password option.

When will I get paid for my expenses?

Once you’ve submitted a claim, it will go for approval to a team from the region you attended.  It will then go to the national finance team to be exported onto a BACs payment; we do this 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  You will receive an automatic email when the claim has been approved for payment.

Older claims are regularly monitored for progress and you should be able to see movement on your claim history.

I only have a non-UK bank account. How will I be paid?

We can pay into non-UK banks but only in GBP, so your account needs to accept GBP payments and then convert into your local currency.  The recipient will bear the conversion costs, but HEE will not pass on their foreign transaction fee incurred.  Please ensure you add your full bank details, including the full account name (e.g. Dr A Smith, not bank name such Bank of China), SWIFT, IBAN and account number where applicable.

What venue should I pick for my claim?

In most cases, this will be the venue that you have attended.  Be aware that some venues are regions and will encompass more than one town or city. For example, Yorkshire and Humber should be selected if you’ve attended Leeds or Sheffield. It is also important to only put one venue per claim, as this will direct the claim to the right approvers. If you need to claim for two events, one in Manchester and one in Birmingham, add all your items for Manchester and submit the claim. Then add the Birmingham ones, and submit the claim. Multiple venues on the claim will delay payments.

I can’t see an item I need to claim for. What should I do?

If it’s a travel item that is excluded from our national policy, such as road tolls, you will not be reimbursed for it. If you need to claim for items that are not travel expenses, such as fees, you will need to contact your local office about payment via an invoice.

I’ve looked at my claim and nothing seems to have happened for weeks. Why is this?

Look at any comments in the claim history that have been added by the approvers. Have all the instructions been actioned by you, or do you need to add anything?  Do all the venues match or do you need to un-submit and correct it?  Was your claim for an academic foundation event that needs to wait for the outcomes to be finalised?  If none of the above resolve the issue, please contact us england.heenon@nhs.net and we will try and help.

I keep getting reminder emails to submit my claim. What does this mean?

The system is set to send reminder emails every 5 working days, if a claimant has items in their ‘My Claims/Current Claims’ page.  This could be because you’ve forgotten to click on ‘Submit Claim’ on the left-hand menu, or because your claim was un-submitted by an approver and needs to be changed or deleted.  Once you submit or delete the items, the reminder emails will stop.

I’ve had an email to say part of my claim has been returned. What should I do?

Login and go to your claim. Any items that need action will be highlighted in red. Read the claim history to view the comments the approver has added and resolve their query.  You will be able to edit and re-save the item if changes are required, or you can add missing receipts if necessary. If the item remains red, click on the edit icon (pencil and notepad) and resave. This will send the item back to the approver.

I’ve had an email to say my claim has been un-submitted. What should I do?

Login and go to ‘My Claims/Current claims’.  The claim is no longer in the approval workflow as it needs amending.  Read the claims history to find out why the claim has been returned and action any changes required.  If the claim just needs changing, don’t forget to click ‘submit claim’ to start the approval process again.

If there are claims in the system for your venue and team (checking or approval), you will receive an ‘Outstanding Claims’ report each day. You can filter this by the specialty (Project Code) column, to get a list of names to search your team’s workflow.  If your colleagues get this report and you don’t, please contact us and we will add you to the distribution list.  If your team is expecting a claim from a specific person and it hasn’t appeared on the report, contact us at england.heenon@nhs.net and we’ll check the system to see what’s happening.