Entry to the HSST programme requires that you have registration (or eligibility for registration and an application underway) with the HCPC as a clinical scientist.

You may also have a further year in the workplace to consolidate and enhance clinical scientific skills, learning and experience (including research and education) and are required to demonstrate through interview the ability to meet any additional specific selection criteria required for a particular specialism.

Application routes

Posts are available in accredited training departments either as new posts created specifically for the purpose of training (direct entry) or as in-service posts, through already existing clinical scientist posts.

Direct entry route: Clinical scientists will be competitively appointed into an established HSST post in an accredited training department.

In service posts: Some clinical scientists may be benchmarked and appointed into training with the support of their employers through the in-service training route, as long as employers can demonstrate the ability to support HSST training by meeting accreditation standards.