FAQs about applying to the HSST

Answers to some of the frequently asked questions when applying to the HSST.

How many HSST posts can I apply for?

If you are applying through direct entry you can only apply to one specialism, which you will need to indicate on the application form. If you are an in service applicant you can only apply for the nominated post from your employer.

What is the difference between direct entry posts and in service posts?

Direct entry are new posts created specifically for the purpose of training and open to competition by application. Applicants follow the whole programme full-time (except for any exemptions) during which they hold a fixed-term five year training contract of employment with the host organisation.

In-service are existing clinical scientist posts that are used by employers to support nominated individuals for HSST (as long as they reach the entry standard for HSST). They must hold a substantive contract of employment in the NHS specialism for which they are applying.

How does the recruitment process differ between direct entry and in service applicants?

For direct entry applicants the interview stage is competitive however, for in service applicants the interview stage is for benchmarking and appointment.

Do I have to apply for the in service posts via the online application portal Oriel?

Yes; you are still required to complete the application and demonstrate that you have the support of your employer, and the skills and experience required.

Last updated on 29th July 2021