About the Higher Specialist Scientist Training programme

The HSST programme is bespoke to the trainee and designed by them in collaboration with their supervisor and employer.


The 5 year programme has been developed to enable a selected cohort of clinical scientists to be trained to take on the role of a consultant clinical scientist. It is a programme that is both flexible and bespoke to the individual. And requires a different approach by the trainee and their supervisor to that of other didactic training programmes such as STP and PTP.

Key features of the programme

  1. Registration as a clinical scientist being a pre-requisite
  2. A bespoke work based training programme aimed at consultant clinical scientist level
  3. The incorporation into the training programme of all or part of a professional doctorate award according to trainee previous experience and qualifications and comprising modules in:
    • High level scientific and clinical knowledge
    • Leadership and professionalism
    • Research and innovation

The design of the HSST programme is underpinned by Good Scientific Practice – which sets out the principles, values and the standards of behaviour and practice for the healthcare science workforce. These are visionary programmes and are aimed at producing tomorrow’s consultant clinical scientists, capable of meeting the scientific needs of the healthcare system.

Last updated on 17th March 2022