Before you start your STP application

Things for applicants to consider before making an application to the Scientist Training Programme.


Make sure you read the information/guidance available on our website:

  • guidance on specific aspects
  • frequently asked questions
  • person specification
  • curricula
  • application deadlines and all other necessary information

Plan your time

Work out approximately how long it will take you to complete the application form. Take into account any time you will need to gather information you wish to include. Try to avoid submitting your application at the last minute. Typically, 60% of applications are submitted in the last 48 hours, which slows the system down due to high volumes of traffic. Under no circumstances will late applications be considered.

Check your referees

Referees should be contacted as early as possible to confirm that they are happy to support the application and provide a reference. Referees will not be contacted until you pass the interviews and are allocated to a training provider.

Qualifications and courses

If you are relying on anticipated qualifications, these will have to be achieved before the start date of the programme in order to be considered eligible. If your grade is not achieved before the start date of the programme, you will no longer be eligible, and this will result in application withdrawal. You would then need to apply to the next available cohort.

Any educational courses you are enrolled on must have ended by the start date of the programme as you will not be able to enrol for the MSc.

COVID-19 vaccination requirements for NHS staff

The Health and Social Care Secretary for England has stated “All those working in the NHS and social care will have to be vaccinated” by 1st April 2022. You can read further information about HEE’s stance on Covid vaccination.


Check browser requirements for Oriel

All applications to the Scientist Training Programme (STP) are made through Oriel, the online application portal. Make sure you have the right requirements to apply through Oriel.

Minimum browser requirements for Oriel
Browser Version
Blackberry >=6
Apple Safari >=7
Google Chrome >=30
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
Microsoft Internet Explorer mobile 11
Microsoft Edge all
Mozilla Firefox 24-26, >=27

Additional information for non-UK applicants

Before you start your application visit the UK Visas and Immigration Service  to check whether or not you are eligible to apply. Make sure that you have established your right to work in the UK for all three years of the programme and this must be in place before you start.

If you require a Skilled Worker visa to work and train in the UK as a healthcare scientist visit the Home Office website for the latest guidance on visas. Should you be successful and receive an offer, you must meet the minimum of 70 points under the new Points Based system.

The Situational Judgement Test (SJT) provider, Pearson Vue, is a US based business, and is not allowed to do business in OFAC-sanctioned countries, which include:

  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Sudan
  • Syrian Arab Republic (Syria)
  • The Sevastopol/Crimea region of Ukraine

If a candidate is connecting from a computer located in a sanctioned country, that candidate will be unable to take the SJT as determined by the IP address. A full list of sanctions, programmes and country information is available on the US Department of Treasury website.

If you currently reside in one of the sanctioned countries, please contact for further information.

Last updated on 26th January 2022