There are two different routes of entry into the STP: 

Direct entry – you will complete the full-time three year programme (except for any exemptions) and be employed by an NHS Trust. Your fixed term training contract will be salaried at circa £26,000. You can apply to a maximum of two specialisms and choose multiple locations/employers as is available for the individual specialism. 

In-service entry – to qualify for application to the in-service positions, you must already be working in your choosen specialism and your employer must already have the following in place: 

  • A nomination from your current employer for the STP.
  • Arrangements for training with your current employer.

You will need an ‘in-service code’ from your employer to complete your application to one of the in-service posts.

If you currently work in the NHS but do not have the in-service arrangements in place, you must apply for a direct entry post to the STP.