What are the STP specialisms?

The Scientist Training Programme specialisms are based around the following themes.


The specialisms change each year based on demand from NHS departments. You will need to check whether the subject you are interested in has posts available to apply to, as not all specialisms are recruited to each year.

Life Sciences

andrology, clinical biochemistry, clinical bioinformatics genomics, clinical immunology, clinical microbiology, cancer genomics, embryology, genomics, genomic counselling, haematology and transfusion science, histocompatibility and immunogenetics, histopathology

Physical Sciences

clinical engineering, clinical informatics, clinical scientific computing, medical physics (radiation safety protection and diagnostic radiology, radiotherapy physics, nuclear medicine, imaging with non-ionising radiation) pharmaceutical sciences, reconstructive science

Physiological Sciences

audiology, cardiac science, critical care science, gastrointestinal physiology, neurophysiology, ophthalmic and vision sciences, respiratory and sleep science, urodynamic science, vascular science


Healthcare science specialisms explained

We have more information about each of the specialisms in our ‘Healthcare science specialisms explained’ section.


Specialisms in the glossary

You can find a description of these specialisms in our glossary.


Last updated on 19th January 2022