The School Report (November 2023)

Our newsletter is a quarterly report covering activities within the School, latest news, events, trainee projects and a variety of other resources for everyone working in and around healthcare science.

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News from the National School

New email addresses

We are switching over to NHS.NET email addresses. Any emails sent to HEE.NHS addresses will be re-directed. Our new email addresses are:

Assessment & Progression:
Programme Support:

The Digital Servicedesk will remain as for the foreseeable future. Servicedesk addresses will be changed at a later date.

Click here to find all the email addresses for the National School

Advertise an STP open day on our website

If you are hosting an STP open day for anyone who is interested in applying for STP for 2024 entry we will advertise and promote these opportunities on our website.

Please email all the information to

Click here to find all the STP open day events

New training standards and resources are published

As a further part of the School’s current work to review, clarify and revise standards and expectations for training and assessment across our training programmes, we have developed a set of standards and expectations for the role of the STP work-based trainer. These standards should also be applicable to trainers and educators working on the ETP and PTP programmes.

The standards do not add new expectations or responsibilities to the trainer role. Instead, they are designed to articulate existing expectations more concisely – enabling a structure for the additional training and guidance that we are developing.

The standards and expectations for the STP work-based trainer are:

  1. Plan, design and assess learning and training opportunities
  2. Monitor your trainee’s progress and provide them with constructive feedback
  3. Support your trainee in taking responsibility for their own learning
  4. Embed Equality, Diversity and Inclusion into training
  5. Know the limitations of your role and signpost to other sources of support, where appropriate

For each of the standards there is a growing suite of training materials available on the NHS Learning Hub which we encourage you to access. Additionally, there are introductory packages available on learning theory and how it links to practice.

A set of expectations of trainees against these training standards are also in development and will be published soon.

A set of standards for supervisors on the HSST programme will be designed differently to better reflect the consultant trainee’s responsibilities for the management of their own learning and training.

Click here to view the training standards and find out more about their associated support resources

New work-based assessment standards published

As part of the School’s current work to review, clarify and revise standards and expectations for training and assessment on the Scientist Training Programme, we have developed and published the School’s work-based assessment standards. These standards define how work-based assessments should be conducted and the responsibilities of trainees, trainers and assessors.

For each work-based assessment type (training activities/competencies, DOPS, OCEs, CBDs) the standards provide clear definitions and expectations about:

  • the purpose of the assessment​
  • how the assessment should be conducted​
  • the responsibilities of every participant in the assessment life cycle
  • who can assess​
  • how feedback should be provided

Click here to view the NSHCS work-based assessment standard

Click here to find out more about the changes being introduced to the assessment of trainees on the new STP curricula

Oriel discovery exercise launched

NHS England have commissioned a user research discovery exercise to get applicant and stakeholder feedback on Oriel, the national recruitment system that we use for applications to healthcare science training programmes.

Please look out for coming updates and opportunities to get involved.

Click here to find more information on the Oriel discovery exercise

CPD modules in Clinical Data Science at the University of Manchester 2023-24

NHS England have commissioned the University of Manchester to develop a flexible Clinical Data Science Programme in collaboration with the National School of Healthcare Science and clinical partners at The Christie Hospital, to support NHS long-term workforce development plans.

The full programme began in September 2023 when NHS England funded a significant number of places on the PgCert for staff working in, or delivering services to, the NHS in England.

The University of Manchester is now accepting applications to take individual units of the programme as standalone CPD modules. The following two units from the full PgCert in Clinical Data Science are available for standalone applications:

Human Factors and Digital Transformation

You will be provided with an overview of the process of capturing and presenting user requirements and implementing and evaluating systems in the clinical, health and social care environment.

This unit starts in February 2024 and will run for 9 weeks.

Data Visualisation and Communication

You will focus on the theories of visualisation and how to explore and communicate data through visualisations that can be tailored for different audiences without unintentionally misleading or confusing the intended recipient.

This unit starts in May 2024 and will run for 9 weeks.

The deadline for applications for both units is Friday 19th January 2024.

Click here to find out more about the units and how to apply

Click here to read more about the background of the Clinical Data Science Programme and the two CPD units

The School and NHS England are hoping to be able to fund further PgCert Clinical Data Science places in 2024. We will provide further details when they become available on the School website and in future School Reports.

Last updated on 12th February 2024

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